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Trying to get myself to do some more drawn work instead of my usual photo-manipulations, still feeling like my arts a bit weak, but it's a practice thing :shrug:
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Cassie the Donkeygirl
Finally got around to finishing up a piece I started a while back.

Wanted to update my OC Cassie, think this is a much better concept than my original.
  TransformMe Emoticon 3 TransformMe Emoticon 3 TransformMe Emoticon 3 

Cassie twirled her blonde hair anxiously with on hand while the other was crossed over her chest just under her breasts. She didn't want to be here, not in the day time and certainly not at night. She glanced past the barn at the setting sun.

"Darleeeeeyna! It's nearly Daaark!" She shouted to her friend, wondering why on earth she was so determined to take photos of the old farm. "Can't we like.. come back later? This place gives me the willies."

Cassie waited and got no response from her missing friend. She shifted in place, kicking at the old fence next to her.

"Darla I'm going back to the caaaarrr!" Nothing...

As much as Cassie wanted to just wait in the car she couldn't shake the sense of dread she had felt since she first spied the old barn, something wasn't right. She took a hesitant step toward the barn and a sudden gust of wind rushed past her, as if pushing her back from the yawing mouth of the open barn. She straightened her purple flannel shirt and jean shorts and boldly entered the barn.

It was dark, dark and dusty. The air hung thick with the smell of old hay and wood, cobwebs and dust covered everything she could make out, and there was still no sign of Darleyna. Cassie itched at her head for a moment while her eyes adjusted, this place was acting up her allergies, her ears itched, her chest felt kind of warm, even her feet hurt.

"Darla can't we just go... Where are you?" She groaned as she looked around the barn, it was surprisingly big once you actually got in it, and by the time she had reasonably looked for her friend it was dark. She sighed deeply and went to go back to the car when she tried over something and landed on the old wooden floor heavily.

"Owww fuck... what the.. what did I trip on? I hope I didn't get splinters.." She looked at her feet and was confused by what she saw. In the dim light of the bar she could swear they looked... black. They weren't the right shape either... She reached out to touch them only to notice her hand felt strange too, like her fingers were stuck together. She was starting to worry, something wasn't right, her body felt weird and hot and she just wanted... she just... wanted to take off her clothes.

She clumsily pulled at her flannel and tried to get out of her shorts as she made her way toward the door. Every movement felt stiff and different, she could swear that she had... no it couldn't be, and what was that swinging behind her?

She finally got out of both the barn and most of her clothes, her pink panties were still around her thighs, caught on part of her leg somehow. She looked down, the panties couldn't slide past her legs because they suddenly became oddly jointed. She stared at herself, her legs were covered in a light amount of what could only be called fur, and they were shaped all wrong and her feet were... hooves? She started to check herself over and found that other things had changed in the dark barn. Her ears were long and fur covered, jutting out from the sides of her head, she only had three thick fingers now instead of the normal five, her breasts were huge, and... and she had a tail.

"What the hell is going aaawwwnn-he-haaaawwnnn!" She clapped her hands over her mouth to try and stop the sudden bray from having happened. She slowly moved her hands away.




The more nervous she got the less able she was to make words, all that she could manage in this state was a panicked bray, and to start running... galloping? to the car. As she neared it she heard an equine whinny and saw that her friend was in a similar condition, sporting a few horse like features and a equine shaped bulge she could she even in the dim lighting...

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Kristen sat down on the flour with three two liters of cola in front of her. She knew that she could stretch large enough to hold that much liquid, but she was more concerned about just how big she would get. She loved the light fizzy pressure as the carbonation would rapidly fill her belly, bloating her up until she looked way beyond any pregnant woman. Six liters though, she normally only two two to four. The soda had been on sale though, and she couldn't help herself to go a little overboard, when it came to bloating she had a little bit of an impulse control problem.

She unscrewed the cap of the first bottle, the swishing sound of it releasing pressure was enough to make her whole body tingle, she wanted this badly. She made sure her ponytail was tight and not going to get in her face while she guzzled down the soda and then lifted the bottle. She could smell the sweet and slightly bitter scent of the cola, and she savored the taste for a moment as it hit her lips, then took her first gulp. Then she took another, then she tilted the bottle. Soon a steady flow of liquid poured out of the bottle and down her throat. She stopped halfway to catch her breath, her stomach already felt a little tight and heavy, but she wasn't anywhere near done.

She leaned back and drank more. The soda was a little warm which always made it fizzier, and she could already feel herself starting to swell up. Her belly was bloating outwards, every drop of soda expanded inside her, fueled from the strange chemical reaction in her stomach.

Less than a year ago, Kristen had experimented with bloating for the first time, choosing a bargain brand of so called 'extra strength' knockoff mentos in hopes of a greater reaction and a fuller belly. Not only had it worked, but it had permanently altered the chemistry of her body. She didn't even need to eat the mentos now, carbonation reacted as if she had either way, and while most people would get cramps or gas from bloating themselves, her body would contain the pressure and carbonation for days, keeping her belly swollen and huge without causing discomfort. Kristen had a thing for big bellies, and she would be lying if she didn't admit that she was addicted to bloating herself now. It seemed like she spent more time looking huge than not of late, and that didn't upset her at all.

Today she was going to be huge, today she was going to drank six liters of the cola and see just how big she got. She unscrewed the cap from the second bottle now, her belly sloshing as she leaned forward. She wasted no time in upturning it and guzzling down the sweet fizzy pop. She could feel her stomach stretching out even faster this time. The first bottle had left her looking like she was expecting, but the second had already pushed her passed due with twins and she wasn't even half done yet. The pressure was so much, even her tits felt like they were filling with carbonation, and had she been a little more aware she would have realized they were.

Her loose tee shirt was stretched taught, the fabric strained against her expanding flesh, biting into her in warning. She paid it no mind as she forced the remainder of the second bottle's contents inside her. She could feel the bubbles, the fizzy carbonated swelling within her, it nearly tickled it was so strong, and she had to pause a moment to enjoy herself before attempting bottle three. Her belly sat in her lap, concealing her legs beneath it. It was heavy and round, and she could feel it still growing beneath her hands. She pressed against it and rubbed it softly, she loved how huge she looked, how gravid her belly was. There... there was something missing though... a third bottle on cola with Kristen's name on it.

As she leaned forward slowly, careful to to not knock anything over with her massive tummy, she felt her shirt rip, finally giving up in the battle to contain her. She hadn't worn a bra today and as the shirt gave way her tits and belly jiggled free, sloshing and swaying. She noticed how big her tits had got and was amused, they only swelled up sometimes, and it was always more fun when they did. Today she was going to make them huge, and the thought of having massive tits on her swollen belly, looking like a goddess of fertility was enough to make her shudder. She greedily grabbed the bottle and began to chug, trying to drink it as fast as possible.

She moaned as she drank, her belly and breasts were bloating up so quickly. Her tits were already bigger than her head and her belly was big enough that she had to spread her legs and let it rest on the floor. It felt so good, the pressure was making her delirious, and the bigger she got the more sensitive her body felt, every touch, every breeze, she wished she had someone there to massage her belly while it grew, to rub it and force her to drink even more... She was lost in a fantasy for a moment, and only snapped back to reality when she noticed she was sucking on an empty bottle. She had done it, six full liter's of cola.

She looked down and was stunned, her belly was... she had never seen such a big belly outside of expansion art she looked at online, it was... amazing. Her breasts were the size of a large pumpkin and she hugged them against her. The squished softly and she moaned into them, they felt like warm water balloons, as if they were actually filled with soda. She enjoyed feeling them wobble as she struggled to get up, she wasn't much heavier, but the shear size made it awkward trying to get to her feet, but eventually she was standing. Her waist had to be over one hundred inches around now, it was so big... she bumped into a chair as she tried to turn and got pushed back, her huge belly's size caused her to overbalance and fall backwards onto the couch.

Maybe she had overdone it a little she thought as her belly gurgled. She could barely move and was naked and so bloated she didn't know what to do with herself. She rubbed her belly, pressing against the soft flesh and revealing in the feeling of being so big, maybe she would just lay here until she shrunk down a little she thought, grabbing the tv remote after a try or two. Yeah... she could just lay here today and watch some TV while she rubbed her huge belly and tits... a catchy jingle from the TV got her attention. It was a commercial... for cola... it was going to be on sale this weekend at the local store, some sort of promotional deal, buy one get one free..
Quick Kristen Bloat
Felt like doing a quick doodle of Kristen before bed. Looks like she drank a bunch of soda until the fizzy carbonation bloated her up nice and big. She does love feeling so round and full, and it looks like even her breasts swelled up a bit this time.
Trying to get myself to do some more drawn work instead of my usual photo-manipulations, still feeling like my arts a bit weak, but it's a practice thing :shrug:
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